Toursikon is a fun and new way to travel, immersed in a virtual story with its roots in memory and feet in reality!

ElleViaggi, a tour operator based in Basilicata with a glimpse into the future, has created the visual novel game Toursikon for you,so you can discover the historical, cultural and architectural heritage of the city of Tursi. An engaging and innovative way to introduce you the town through puzzles and virtual games.
The name Toursikon recalls the tour and ancient borgo Tursi. In fact, the game is a virtual "tour" among the beauties of this ancient town with thousands of stories.

Your adventure begins with Sophie, a French girl who is the main character of the game.She arrives in Basilicata and discovers Tursi with your help.

In the virtual journey you meet the characters who guide you, confuse you, help you and screen after screen you will win the prize while gaming and discovering the reality.

Guaranteed fun for all ages!



While playing Toursikon and visiting Tursi you will discover that some characters in the game really exist and you will desire to explore the community and genuinity of Lucanian hospitality.

A player who becomes a tourist or a tourist who becomes a player, this is also Toursikon!

The main character of the game is Sophiea young French tourist, who will face many adventures with your help. Carmine of ElleViaggi Basilicata, the guide of Sophie and the players, accompanies you to explore the magical and mysterious places of Tursi with real characters, such as the innkeeper who will present you delicious authentic dishes or don Mimmo in the churchyard who will give you a warm welcome. But, be careful, fantasy is mixed with reality, like a character of the spirit De Georgiis who brings you back to the dreamy and fantastic world that makes you feel like a little child.

Don Mimmo


De Georgiis

Tursi is a village to be discovered, from the signs of the Saracens passage in the ancient borgo of Rabatana, to the castle that was built around the middle of the 6th century of which today we have only a few traces but you can still see it in Toursikon. The town is associated with Albino Pierro, a poet nominated several times for the Nobel Prize for Literature, and with the splendid Sanctuary of Santa Maria D'Anglona, a few kilometers from Tursi.

The Rabatana was the first residential nucleus of Tursi-the meeting place of peoples and cultures, from Greeks to Arabs and Normans. Surrounded on each side by deep and inaccessible ravines, it sets your view free to the valleys and lets you imagine the legends and stories of the past. A unique place to discover.

The Castle was probably founded by the Goths. Over the centuries it has been a garrison of the valleys of the Sinni and Agri rivers, a viewing point and defense. Today only the base of its ancient main tower remains. In the Toursikon game you can reconstruct it, while when you are visiting Tursi you will climb its tower to admire the landscape of the badlands, the mountains of Pollino national park and on sunny days you can see the sparkling sea.

The Church of Santa Maria Maggiore is a jewel not only for its religious value but also for the beauty of the history and the stories it preserves inside. Our guide Carmine will tell you the story full of details and beliefs.

The Crypt is the place of wonder, where beauty becomes a miracle, where Toursikon begins and the history comes to life. The frescoes in the chapel represent the Virgin Mary and the Latin inscriptions speak of the death and burial on site of two young descendants of the De Georgiis family. The frescoes are attributed to Giovanni Todisco. In the chapel you can admire the fifteenth-century stone nativity scene attributed to Altobello Persio.

The Sanctuary of Santa Maria D'Anglona is the silence, contemplation and art put together. It's a fascinating and unique sacred treasure full of symbolism and holiness. Here the Toursikon enigmas will merge reality and virtuality to let you experience the story.

Come to Tursi with your school or friends and relive Sophia's adventures